Welcome to Daniels Associates Slip Testing, we service areas from Wollongong to Newcastle; we have offices in Newcastle and Sydney, providing quick response times for clients who require tests done in a hurry. We assist in preparing site specific testing schedules and with a call from Daniels close to the scheduled date tests are performed, results analysed and the final report emailed within a 2 working days

Thank you for visiting the slip testing section of our web site. If you are new to the process of slip testing please review the information contained on this web site. You will find information on WET & DRY slip testing, classification and risk assessment tables and a brief explanation on interpreting WET slip test results.

Daniels Associates provide a range of slip testing and consulting services to the building and property industries. For more than 20 years Daniels Associates have provided a range of professional management services to property owners and managers, insurance providers & loss adjusters, service providers and local government.

Bruce Whiteley, Daniels Associates Managing Director has a B.E. in Ceramic Engineering and an M.Sc. in Ceramic Science. Bruce served as the technical representative for ACSMA on the Standards Committee BD-094, the slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces. Prior to becoming a consultant Bruce was the technical director for one of Australia’s leading floor finish manufacturers. He has been providing technical advice and slip testing of flooring materials for more than 20 years.