Wet Pendulum Slip Resistance Test

The wet pendulum slip resistance test is generally conducted using a Wessex or Munro Pendulum Friction Tester.

This pendulum device is portable and consists of a weighted foot with a test slider that swings down and slides across the surface wetted with water for 125mm. The weighted foot comprises a spring loaded rubber test slider that exerts a prescribed force over the specimen as it slides across the surface. The results of expressed as a British Pendulum Number (BPN) and classified according to the table below:

Dry Floor Friction Slip Resistance Test

The dry floor friction slip resistance slip test uses a battery/electric operated machine commonly referred to as the “DRY Floor Friction Tester” or “Tortus”.

The DRY Floor Friction Tester measures the force opposing the motion of a small (9 mm) diameter test slider made of Four S rubber. The machine motor moves the test device across the flooring surface at a constant speed of 1m/min. The average of two measurements of 800 mm is taken and the results are expressed as Coefficient of Friction (CoF). The result for this slip test on an existing surfaces is a pass/fail classification of 0.4 CoF or higher.