Over the last 25 years Daniels Associates have evolved into a specialist provider of consulting and training services. Daniels Associates provide a range of consulting and training services including.

  • Wet & Dry slip testing to Australian Standards AS 4663 and AS 4586
  • Providing advice on floor surfaces, materials, frequency of testing and remedial processes.
  • Hygiene, Cleaning, OHS & Food Safety Audits & Inspections.
  • Workloading and labour cost analysis for building cleaning and maintenance.
  • Computer software for workloading and labour analysis.
  • Registered Training for Cleaning, Kitchen & Laundry.

Since 2000, Daniels Associates have grown rapidly from a single person consulting business into a multi-faceted Consulting and Training business employing more than 20 people across most states of Australia. Our success has resulted from our ability to provide and deliver simple cost effective solutions and advice for our customers.